Pitch sites

Between cherry trees and ancient oaks

Terrasse lay-out

What made Martin and Maaike decide to run camping together back in the day, was not just the fantastic view on the mountain landscape in the distance, and the lights from the city Aubenas that accompany the view at night. It was also the playful and almost cosy character of the property. An amphitheater of fun places to discover. Many of the pitches are separated by natural stonewalls and vegetation. All of this is grouped around the central area where you can find the reception desk, the restaurant, the playgrounds, the jeu the boules lane and the pool (with a paddling pool).

Of all of the unique pitches at the campsite, no two are the same. There is something for everybody: pitches with a lot of sunlight, pitches in the shade and some in between. Some have a great view of the valley, others can enjoy the sight of the meadows surrounding the campsite, where cows graze in a relaxed fashion.

The quietest places are those far away from the base of the campsite. This is the lane where there are many old oak trees, which provide a lot of shade for those camping in that area.

Then there are the terrace pitches. This is the place to go to get some sun! Or, if you’d prefer, combined with some shade. But, this is also the place where you will be in the prime seats during the summer, when your children will perform their act or show off their dancing skills at the stage near the terrace of the restaurant. In short, it’s the place where you won’t miss anything.

But it is springtime during which the terrace […]